Silicon-based products are mainly used in aluminum smelters/manganese products are used in steel mills.

Yunnan Longyang Jinhua Silicon Products Factory

Yunnan Longyang Jinhua Silicon Products Factory locate in Yunnan Province ,China We produce high-purity chemical and metallurgical grade silicon metal,We are among the largest producers and wholesaler in the world.

Our main products are silicon metal lumps (97%/553/441/421/411/4105/3303/2202/1101.etc.), silicon metal powder (1μm~10mm), Our products can be applied in the... regarding chemical, metallurgy, electron, optics, building material, mechanism, fireproof materials etc...

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From raw materials' selecting, smelting, crushing, finished products' testing, packing, to pre-shipment inspecting, every step, Jinhua people are all implementing strict quality control.
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